CP Accelerator

CP Acclerator is a quick, cost effective way for a hedge fund to develop an initial framework for their counterparty risk management process. This product includes the following:
  • A 90 minute counterparty risk advisory session. During this session we will discuss your current counterparty management process, review the Pangaea approach for dynamic counterparty risk management and outline an initial process for a fund. The advisory session will also include   a discussion of the Basel III impact on the prime brokerage industry and how it may affect your fund.
  • Counterparty Risk Management Best Practices review. This is an overview of the counterparty management practices at some of the industry’s largest hedge funds. The memo will supplement the advisory session and provide a guide for further development of the fund’s counterparty risk management process.

In addition to protecting the fund’s assets, the benefits of this product include demonstrating to investors and regulators that your firm has engaged in a thoughtful process for managing your counterparty relationships.

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